HOTWEEZERS™® are a highly advanced thermal wire stripping hand tool for use in specialized wire-stripping applications. Meisei's HOTWEEZERS™ are currently used in a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, electronics, and maritime.HOTWEEZERS™ represents the state of the art in the design and construction of thermal wire strippers.
            HOTWEEZERS™® 热剥器手柄是一款非常先进的导线热剥手工工具,专业应用于军工高可靠导线无损剥头领域。Meisei公司生产的HOTWEEZERS™热剥器手柄目前已广泛应用于航天、医疗、电子和船舶等工业领域。 HOTWEEZERS™ 热剥器手柄代表了导线热剥器设计和生产领域的领先技术。

Ergonomically Designed符合人体工学设计

HOTWEEZERS™ fit comfortably in the hand, making the stripping operation smooth and natural, increasing output and reducing fatigue
HOTWEEZERS™ 热剥器握笔式手柄使用起来非常舒适,剥线操作自然流畅,可提高生产效率,降低操作者疲劳。

Lightweight for Heavy Output手柄轻巧高效

Small and lightweight! The hand unit weighs less than 2 ounces (57g) including cable and connector




Hermetic sealing of the heating element in a high-temp alloy means NO oxidation, misalignment, or inefficient use of generated heat

Precise and Efficient Stripping剥线精准高效

Our unique tip design is more resistant to cool-down, and can be precisely controlled for Tefzel®, Teflon®, and silicone rubber without charring
我们独特的端头设计可以有效防止温度波动,广泛应用于Tefzel®, Teflon®和硅胶等不同绝缘层导线剥头而无碳化烧焦现象。

Introducing the HOTNIFE

Meisei's HOTNIFE is useful in depotting, deflashing and other applications where a heated blade can simplify a manufacturing operation and increase yields. Due to its small size, it is highly maneuverable and can be easily used under a microscope for delicate work. The HOTNIFE can easily strip large diameter conductors and jackets including irregular shaped cross-sections.
Meisei公司生产的HOTNIFE 热割刀可用于高温去除封装、毛边、胶水、涂层等不同材料。由于它外形小巧,操作起来十分灵活,可方便在显微镜下进行精细加工。HOTNIFE热剥刀也能够轻松切割并剥除大线径导线或不规则双绞线的外皮。

The Meisei Power Supply

Both HOTWEEZERS® and HOTNIFE come in ESD and non-ESD models, and use either the M-10 (non-ESD) or M-20 (ESD) power supplies, featuring on-off switch, “HI” and “LO” settings, a variable temperature control, and a unique holder for the hand unit. Placing a hand unit in the holder activates a switch that sets the temperature control to a low power idle mode. When the stripper is removed from the holder, the control is switched back to the original setting.

The supply provides an isolated, low-voltage output for operator safety and the power cord comes with a 3-prong plug to satisfy OSHA requirements.

Power supply units come in 100v, 115v and 220v versions.

HOTWEEZERS® 热剥手柄和 HOTNIFE热割刀都有通用型和防静电型两类产品,配合M-10通用型或M-20防静电型主机电源使用。主机电源上设有on-off开关,“HI”、“LO”高低温可选,温度控制可调,并配有独特的手柄支架。热剥手柄置于支架上时会触发开关自动调节到低温待机模式。从支架上取下热剥手柄时,又自动调回到原始温度档位设置。


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